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G - Apartment at 2 minutes from the Ramblas -
REF - 335

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     Sleeps: 6 persons      Minimum rental period: 4 nights      Number of bedrooms: 3     
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Description Home Advice Spain - G is an absolutely new and stylish apartment in the heart of town. You will be living Barcelona to the maximum. This apartment at the ´Calle de Nou de la Rambla´ forms part of a classic building, which is completely restyled and remodelled from the inside.

The apartment is situated on the first floor and can be accessed by as well stairs as an elevator. When entering the apartment you will find yourself on a platform. Going left, you will enter the luminous living room, which is equipped with brand new and stylish furniture of high quality. There’s the dining table, where you can have your meals enjoying the street views of downtown Barcelona. Of course we also thought of you moment of relaxation after a day of strolling and sightseeing in Barcelona.

Next to the living room you will find the new and fully equipped kitchen. It disposes of a refrigerator, a laundry machine and also a dishwasher. Furthermore you will find all the other kitchen-utensils, which guarantee you that you can cook and prepare your dinner like you are used to do at home.

When you turn right on the platform, you were on when you initially entered; you will pass by the bedroom and the bathroom. The bathroom is also completely new and disposes of a tub. There are three bedrooms. Two medium ones have individual beds. At the end of the hallway you will see the main bedroom with a double bed.
NotesAdditional administration costs: 60,- Euro, Arrival after 21.00/on feast-days: 50,- Euro extra, Minimum stay: 4 nights.

One review of the property : Minor problem was that we were 3 couples and two of the bedrooms had single beds, not evenly high. But that didn't make our stay less fantastic!! The appartment was superb and we had a lot of fun and we also allready recommended it to a lot of friends! Kristina V. August 2005
ContactAddress: Nou de La Rambla 08001 Barcelona